Wednesday, 12 December 2012

White Christmas Cookie (And a Food Blogger Cookie Swap)

White Christmas Cookies

The Gift of giving.

That's what Christmas is all about.....right?

Well in the traditional spirit of Christmas I signed up to the The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap, Which is an event organised by some fabulous ladies over at The Little Kitchen and Love and Olive Oil, where you get to bake a dozen cookies for 3 other lovely food bloggers and in return you get sent 3 dozen cookies by 3 other food bloggers.

It's basically a secret santa in cookie form.

The first box of cookies I received was from the Patrice over at Pat's Kitchen.

Patrice sent some lovely bite-size Date, Oatmeal and Cranberry cookies, dipped in white chocolate.

And I have to say they were so yummy! They were oaty and fruity and pretty darn amazing.

 Himself certainly had no complaints over helping to polish them off.

The second batch of cookies I received were from Steph over at Fanny's Kitchen.

Now Steph didn't give me the name of the wonderful cookies she sent (so Steph if you're reading please please please tell me what they were) but they were divine. So rich and spicy.

I can only take a guess at saying they must be some sort of spiced molasses cookie - however I could be very wrong.

All I can say is that they were chewy, rich, spicy and oh so Christmassy! Oh and before I forget they came in a fantastic box aswell , so cute.

The final box of cookies I recieved were from Ffion over at Little Black Heart, and I have to say out of all the cookies I recieved (all though all of them were amazing) these beautiful, melt in your mouth White Chocolate Dipped Lemon Cookies were my favourite.

They were fab. Nice and zingy, with the sweet white chocolate and they almost had a shortbread type feel about them. They were a little fragile and the postman wasn't kind to 3 or 4 of them but trust me when I say no crumb was left behind.

And again they were packaged in a beautiful box with all the handwriting in calligraphy which was a nice touch.

So I was given the addresses of 3 wonderful food bloggers aswell,

Chelsea, from Flick of The Whisk
Sallie, from Sallie's Kitchen
Mulia, from Mondomulia

I hope you lovely ladies enjoyed the cookies as much as I enjoyed making them.

So as soon as I received their information I knew exactly what kind of cookie I wanted too make.

Something that encapsulated my kind of Christmas.

Now unluckily I seemed to have been the only Irish participant in the cookie swap (tut tut Irish food bloggers - next year maybe) So I was very lucky that some British foodies were happy too send me some cookies.

Anyway back too the Christmas cookie, I mean that's what your all here for....right?

I was clever enough to bake a few too many cookies (for testing purposes only of course) and I must say I personally love these cookies. Chewy, Crispy and so my kinda Christmassy.

Packed full with White Chocolate Chunks (I'm more of a chocolate chunk than a chocolate chip kinda gal, and yes I believe there's a difference), Coconut and Clementine zest.

Mmmmmm, Yum.

These were ah-maze-ing!!!


225g Butter
340g Caster Sugar
80g Soft Dark Brown Sugar
1 Tsp Vanilla Extract
1 Egg + 1 Yolk
Zest of 2-3 Clementines
425g Self-Raising Flour
200g White Chocolate (chopped)
85g Dessicated Coconut (toasted)


Preheat your oven to 190c / 325f and line 2 baking trays with greaseproof paper.

In a large mixing bowl beat your butter and sugars until light and fluffy, then add in your vanilla extract and egg + yolk.

The grate in the zest of your clementines and mix that in.

Now add in your flour, a couple of tablespoons at a time.

Once all your flour has been added stir in the toasted coconut.

Take heaped tablespoons of the cookie batter, roll into balls and poke 4-5 pieces of white chocolate into the ball.

Place the cookie dough ball onto your baking tray and flatten slightly with the palm of your hand.

Repeat this process until all your dough has been used up.

Then bake in the oven for 10-12 minutes.

The cookies may look a little undercooked but they will firm up as they cool.

Leave the cookies to cool on the baking sheet for 5-10 minutes before moving to a wire rack to finish cooling.


  1. What a fun way to have a cookie exchange! I love your recipe with the citrus zest, delicious!

  2. What an ingenious simple idea hehe. I'm making your Oreo Pookies this weekend...if I can wait that long ;)

    1. Thanks :D Ah you'll have to let me know what you think of them

  3. Mine will probably be the fried egg version! ;-)

    1. Hahaha don't worry, wont affect the taste at all :D

  4. Oh my gosh these look yummy! I found you through Hungry Little Girl. Please come share at my Farm Girl Blog Fest:

    Happy Holidays!
    Fresh Eggs Daily

  5. The name of your cookies automatically made me come look at them. I saw them on Plaid and Paisley. White Christmas is my favorite movie. I love the recipe though. I love that you used 2 types of sugars and my favorite white chocolate. Would love for you to share at Thursdays Treasures link party on my blog.

  6. Ah, I'm finally getting around to looking through all the cookie posts! These look lovely, and it's a combination I'd never have thought of.

    PS: I'm studying in Ireland this coming semester and I'm really nervous! Do you have any tips?

    1. Thankyou :D Where in Ireland are you studying? There's no need to worry, Irish people are pretty darn friendly. I was worried when I moved here 3 years ago but it's a lovely country to be - especially to study :D you'll have fun

  7. What a fun Cookie Swap! I have been baking cookies like a crazy person over here! I am so glad that you are having fun with your holiday baking! Thanks for Linking up at Show Me Your Plaid Monday's!

    1. Ah it was great fun. Same as. Christmas always leads me to baking like a looney. Thanks for hosting :D

  8. Love the name of your cookies, and the cookie swap sounds like a lot of fun. Andi

    1. Thanks so much :D Had to go all out Christmas on the name!

  9. Yay thanks for the mention! As you can now see from mine, they were failed gingersnaps, but I'm glad you enjoyed them! :) xx

  10. These all look good. We're featuring cookies and candy today at Saturday Dishes. I'd love it if you linked these.

    Wishes for tasty dishes,
    Linda @ Tumbleweed Contessa

    1. Thanks so much for the invite I'll definitely be linking up :D