Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Carrot Cake Cupcakes with Orange Mascarpone Frosting

carrot cake cupcakes with orange mascarpone frosting

Feminism, it's become an almost dirty word in the last few years. An adjective than many women have become ashamed to apply to themselves because a feminist is someone who doesn't shave their armpits, dye their hair or wear make-up, right?

It's become as stereotypical as the word 'Hippy' or 'Posh Kid'.

Honestly ask me 5 years ago I would have proudly shouted 'Yes! I consider myself a feminist', I was constantly told by my grandmother and mother the importance of being a voting woman, but since meeting himself and having our child I would, until recently, have said perhaps I'm not as much of a feminist as I once thought.

I mean here I am, no longer working but spending my days raising my child. Sacrificing one huge equality that was fought for by feminists so that women didn't feel the only choice they had once bearing children was to stay home and raise their babies. I'm even strongly considering homeschooling my children which takes my chances of going back to work for many years down to zero.

Staying home and looking after the kiddies would have been to the old me a choice I would never have made, I wanted to work in the city. I wanted to be a high flying business woman. Yet here I am at 24 years old raising one baby and currently growing another and until recently I thought it almost hypocritical to call myself a feminist.

However the more I've mulled the definition of a feminist in my head the less clear cut it has become. Surely being a feminist actually means to support any woman no matter what path they choose. 

Being a feminist is the ability to choose what success means to you. To me it has become raising my babies and teaching my babies and devoting every part of me to them, I no longer believe this doesn't make me a feminist. 

Because the point is we have that choice. We can now choose whether to stay home or go to work, not have that choice made for us.

So yes I did choose a very 'traditional' role when it came to my family but watching every second of my children growing up and having an incredible family is my idea of success, it's what makes me happy.

And on that note, before I sound like I'm preaching, this barefoot and pregnant feminist brings you some goodies from her kitchen. Some divinely tender carrot cake cupcakes with a silky orange mascarpone frosting.

carrot cake cupcakes with orange mascarpone frosting

Makes 10-12 Cupcakes


For the Cupcakes:

110g / 1/2 Cup Butter
60g / 1/4 Cup Caster Sugar
50g / 1/4 Cup Dark Brown Sugar
2 Medium Eggs
1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract
50ml / 4 Tablespoons Buttermilk
1 Tsp Ground Cinnamon
1/2 Tsp Ground Nutmeg
110g / 2/3 Cup + 1/4 Cup Plain Flour
1 Tsp Baking Powder
75g / 1 Cup Grated Carrot

For the Frosting:

250g / 9oz Mascarpone Cheese
1/2 Tsp Vanilla Extract
Zest of 1 Large Orange
200g / 1 1/2 Cup Icing Sugar


Preheat the oven to 170c / 340f and line your muffin tray with paper liners.

In a large mixing bowl beat together the butter and sugars until light and fluffy.

Now add in the eggs, 1 at a time followed by the vanilla extract, grated carrot and the buttermilk.

Sift together the ground spices, flour and baking powder.

Now carefully fold in the dry ingredients being careful not to over mix it.

Separate the batter between your liners so each liner is about 2/3 full.

Then place them into the oven, on the middle shelf and bake for 15-20 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the centre of each cake comes out clean.

Set all the cupcakes on a wire cooling rack to cool completely.

Meanwhile you can make the frosting.

In a bowl place the mascarpone, orange zest and half of the icing sugar. Very carefully combine all these ingredients until barely combined then add in the rest of the icing sugar.

Be very vigilant not to. over beat your frosting as the more you mix it the more watery it will become. To combat this by the best quality mascarpone you can.

Once all your cupcakes have cooled you can decorate them with the mascarpone frosting.


  1. Mascarpone frosting!!! Yes please!! These look and sound amazing!!

  2. This looks so yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I am in total and utter agreement, to me being a feminist isn't about fighting for a choice to work or stay at home (I'm told being a mum is one of the hardest jobs in the world) but rather it's about not being treated like an idiot just cause we've got lady parts. Those cupcakes look amazing :)

    1. I love that I'm not the only one who thinks this, I'm glad you like the cupcakes aswell!!

  4. Sweetie, you are definitely a feminist. You're one of the first person to support women who are harassed, who want to choose what to do with their own bodies, who need resources after a sexual assault. The idea that you're defined by your career or your family is far from feminist, because you are a fun, smart, resourceful women who supports other women!

    1. Awww thanks my lovely, I'll definitely have to screenshot this comment incase I'm having a bad day. You always say the loveliest things

  5. We never wind up where we thought we would, do we?
    Honestly, I think a feminist is anyone who believes that women have the right to choose their own paths, that women are equal to men, and that women deserve to be treated with as much respect (and if they're paid, be paid equally) as their male counterparts.
    I've been thinking a lot about this over the years. Especially three kids later!
    Love the cupcakes!

    1. How true, but i think sometimes we end up somewhere better. Most of the time because we don't always want what we think we do.

  6. Oh I just love mascarpone! These cupcakes look just lovely!

  7. I love carrot cake and these cupcakes look super delicious! Thanks for linking up to Sweet and Savoury Sunday, stop by and link up again. Have a great day!!