About Me

Hey there, I'm Tash. The baker behind The Velvet Moon Baker!

 I'm a 24 year old mummy to my beautiful 3 year old, Faith and we are currently waiting on the arrival of little one number two (scheduled for arrival in November).

The 2 other beings in my life that make up our family are 'The Daddy' and 'The Dog' a.k.a Max.

Image of 'The Dog' courtesy of 'The 3 Year Old'

I live in a small fishing town in County Donegal, Ireland where those fantastical, exciting baking products are pretty scarce. So I'm learning to be pretty inventive with what I can get my hands on.

I'm actually an Essex girl and went to the same highschool as Jamie Oliver (Oh yeah, Claim to fame). Moved to the beautiful Isle of Skye when I was 17 and then met himself when I was 19. Which resulted in me swiftly running away to Ireland.

Oh the romance.

I love food, sometimes a tad to much (I'm trying to control that love). Anything with sugar, sprinkles or chocolate is a total winner with me.

The Velvet Moon Baker is all about baking with love (and a hell of a lot of sugar love). Not all the things I bake make it onto the blog as I'll admit there are plenty of disasters in my kitchen.

Yup we all have minor (or major) hiccups in the kitchen.

I hope you enjoy having a read and get inspired by some of my recipes.

I love hearing from you, even if it's just to say you popped by. 

So if you have any questions, ideas or just fancy a chat about cupcakes be sure to send me an email


Just a little bit of the nitty gritty

All recipes and opinions are my own (unless stated otherwise). As are all the photos and they must not be reproduced or printed without my personal consent.

Please feel free to link to me when/if you use my recipes but don't reproduce them.

.I was interviewed for Gourmandize UK-Ireland

.During the summer of 2013 The Velvet Moon Baker was nominated for and became one of the 5 finalists for the Blog Awards Ireland

blog awards ireland

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